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The Curly Girl Community

A place for open discussion on the Curly Girl method

The Curly Girl Method
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Welcome to the Curly Girl Community

Those of with curls know they can be a hard mane to tangle with, and many of us have found the routines in Lorraine Massey's book, The Curly Girl Handbook to live up to their promise of "no more bad hair days." So, toss out your blow dryers, straight irons, and shampoo and come join the Curly Girl revolution!

This community is meant for open discussion of the methods outlined in The Curly Girl Handbook, personal experience with these methods, questions, hair products, and general discussion about "freeing your curls." The name curly_girls references the book and in no way indicates that the membership of this community should be limited to any one gender identification. If you're using the Curly Girl or "no poo" method, you're welcome, regardless of gender, race, religion, or even hair type!

persephoneflame maintains this community.